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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Chitradurga Pincode / Post Office Search (CHITRADURGA, Karnataka)

Alagawadi B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Alaghatta B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Annehal B.O 577555ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bangarakkanahally B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Basavasivanakere B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Belaghatta B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bhahadurghatta B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bharamasagara S.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bheemasamudra S.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bidarakere S.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bistuvalli B.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka
Bommenahalli B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Byalahal B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chikkabennur B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chikkagondanahally B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chikkapura B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chitradurga Fort S.O 577501ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chitradurga Horapet S.O 577501ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chitradurga H.O 577501ChitradurgaKarnataka
Chowlihalli B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Doddiganahal B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Dyamavvanahally B.O 577524ChitradurgaKarnataka
Godabanahal S.O 577555ChitradurgaKarnataka
Gonuru B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Haikal B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Halavadara B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Hampanur B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Hireguntanur B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Hullehal B.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka
Hullur B.O 577555ChitradurgaKarnataka
Hunsekatte B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Ingaladahal B.O 577524ChitradurgaKarnataka
Isamudra B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Iyyanahalli B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kadabanakatte B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kadleguddu B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kalgere B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kattigehally B.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kogunde B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kolahalu B.O 577519ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kunabevu B.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kurubarahally B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kurumaradikere B.O 577524ChitradurgaKarnataka
Kyadigere B.O 577524ChitradurgaKarnataka
Lakshmisagara B.O 577541ChitradurgaKarnataka
Madanayakanahalli B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Madikerepura B.O 577524ChitradurgaKarnataka
Matadakurabarahatty B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Megalahally B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Muddapura B.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka
Palya B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Pandarahally B.O 577555ChitradurgaKarnataka
Rayanahally B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Siddapura B.O 577520ChitradurgaKarnataka
Sondekola B.O 577555ChitradurgaKarnataka
Tambranagara B.O 577502ChitradurgaKarnataka
Toparamalige B.O 577524ChitradurgaKarnataka
Toranaghatta B.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka
Turuvanur S.O 577517ChitradurgaKarnataka
Yelagodu B.O 577521ChitradurgaKarnataka

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